Tuesday, January 23, 2007

T-Mobile on a new thechnology.

LONDONDERRY - T-Mobile USA representatives will take a ride with the town's cell tower consultant to see how effective its cell phone coverage is in an alternate site to the one it has proposed. Consultant Ivan Pagacik will travel with T-Mobile to the Parrish Hills area, one of the highest points in Londonderry, to see if the cell phone coverage there is equal to the coverage expected from Kelley Road, the site at which T-Mobile has proposed locating a 170-foot cell tower.T-Mobile is seeking a variance from the Londonderry Zoning Board of Adjustment to build the wireless structure on Kelley Road, an area zoned for agricultural/residential uses. They also want the board to allow the tower to be 235 feet from an abutting property, where the town requires a 340-foot setback; and allow the 170-foot structure when a maximum height of 35 feet is permissible.T-Mobile has a 2.5-mile area near the town municipal center, on Mammoth Road, where it cannot serve its residential customers and the 11,000 vehicles that travel in the area each day.Kelley Road, just off Litchfield Road, is a short distance from Mammoth Road. The monopole tower would stand in a 50-by-50-foot compound surrounded by an 8-foot chain-link fence.The proposal has met strong resistance from Kelley Road residents, who say the tower would adversely affect their property values and the neighborhood aesthetics.Resident Ryder Daniels, 22 Kelley Road, said in an interview after the Jan. 17 Zoning Board meeting, "It's clear that there are alternate sites for the cell tower than a residential neighborhood within 300 feet of people's homes."The public hearings will continue Feb. 21 at Town Hall in the Moose Hill Conference Room.

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